Frequently asked questions
What do the different types of film mean?

Social media teaser A short video that you can post on social media that highlights your big day.
Highlights film A longer look at your big day (this is not edited in chronical order instead we edit the footage to tell a story of your day)
Raw ceremony footage One angle tripod video given to you unedited (you can choose to upgrade to a ceremony film)
Raw speeches footage One angle tripod video given to you unedited (you can choose to upgrade to a speeches film)
Ceremony film An edited, multi angle, full length film of your ceremony
Speeches film An edited, multi angle, full length film of the speeches.
Raw footage all the footage captured on the day, unedited
How many images can we expect from the day?

Photo quantity depends on the day. The range is heavily dependent on how the day unfolds but you can expect between 500 800 edited and retouched photos.
Can I choose my own music?

We use royalty free music and have a large library. We can’t use mainstream artists songs due to copyright. However, the music we use is still amazing quality. It’s better if you can provide a music genre or types of music you like that we can match.

Being creative professional, we ask you trust us with your music choice as we see the day
from an outsider’s perspective and can pick music to match the footage captured on the
Can the vows be included in the highlights?

Yes! You can request this. We use concealed wireless microphones. One on the celebrant and one on the groom generally to capture the audio.
How long does it take to receive the end product?

Your final products will take around 5-8 weeks. These will be posted to you and will be on a USB stick for your safekeeping. We do quote slightly longer lead times to cater for busier months, but rest assured it is our mission to deliver these ahead of schedule.
How do we secure our date?

If you are interested in booking, the next step would be for us to send through a booking deposit invoice or for you to pay online. Once paid, this secures your date in our calendar, we ask for a 50% deposit. The remaining of your funds are due 14 days prior to your wedding.
How does the timing work?

Our coverage starts from the first time we press record till the hours you booked is finished. (for example if you have a 8 hour package and start the coverage at 11:30am with the groom getting ready then we will finish recording at 7:30pm).
Will we get all 8 hours of footage?

Not unless your request the raw footage. Please note that during the 8 hours of coverage we will not be recording the whole time as in the 8 hours there will be travel times, toilet and food breaks.
Can you work with our photographer?

Yes, we are very relaxed people and are happy to work with your photographer.
Do you require a vendor meal?

Yes, this will help with the flow of the day. Otherwise, we will need to leave during your event to get some dinner and could miss vital parts of the day.
What happens if you are sick?

If a team member is too ill or becomes injured and cannot supply the services specified, we will attempt to book a replacement. If a replacement cannot be booked you will receive a refund of any payments received.